Bilions Finance

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  • branding
  • design
  • website

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  • business
  • finance

Australian owned, based and regulated non-banking lender and mortgage manager.

Bi Lions Finance is an Australian-owned, based and regulated non-bank lender and mortgage manager. Inspired by the brand name, we used thick and thin lines and strokes, combined with the founder's initials to create the logo of the lion silhouette, and determined the color tone of black marble and light gold, adding a stable and reliable brand image to the entire design. Strokes of different golden pigments are used throughout the site to match the brand shades.

jishan mockup

With matte dark marble texture and gold metallic pigment elements, this design aligns with the entire branding and provides a clean navigation experience. 

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I had the pleasure of working with Digitect IT's website design and development service, and I am thoroughly impressed. Their attention to detail and focus on delivering quality work was evident in every aspect of the process.

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